Meet Scott and Crystal
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Warren-based Ovation Events custom creates parties and events with incredible designs, actors and performers, unique props, healthy and creative food and much more. We can plan and coordinate every detail of your event or just the services you want based on your needs and budget. We will bring your style to life and allow you to shine through so you and your event stand out and make a lasting impression.

Scott and Crystal holding an Ovation Events banner.
Scott and Crystal
Scott and Crystal with a bicycle and umbrella

Longtime friends, Scott and Crystal saw the need to create a company that brings current trends front and center in our area. Many of our friends and acquaintances through the years have come to us asking for something unique, different and never seen before to “WOW” their guests. Scott, for many years, has attended national conferences/seminars/tradeshows to gather worldwide trends. With Scott’s vast experience and event planning/design he knew instantly that the perfect business partner to team up with would be Crystal Phillips. Crystal is the perfect partner because of her strong detail to perfection and style. Through our years of experience in event planning and design we have developed extensive contacts and relationships with local, regional and national providers/suppliers to make your vision a reality. We love sharing our passion for creativity and fun, and enjoy working with clients who have an appetite for living exuberantly.
We absolutely love to custom design, allowing for us to think outside the box as we create that fresh new energy that is today’s latest trend.

To say that Scott’s passion is to create would be an understatement! Since the age of 6 Grandma Gertie always said he would be a Planner. He’d have every minute of a day all planned out: what they would do, and where they would go, at exactly what time and even when they would arrive back home. And perhaps that’s what prompted him to get his degree in Industrial Art; and then leave his teaching job to pursue a lifelong career revolving around banquets, party planning, and event design. And how do I capture his essence for creativity…when absolutely everything he does is soaked to the core with it?! Heck, we’ve never had the same meal twice at home, and yes, every plate has looked like it came from a 5-star resort. Always the latest trends in colors, fashion and food…from every page of every imaginable magazine and on every trip, we take…Scott’s eyes and mind are always soaking in the inspiration and then storing it for use later.

It all led to over 25 years at Trumbull Country Club planning and creating parties for members and guests. He created and designed really cool experiences and so many times I said, “more people need to be exposed to you!”. I even tried talking him into starting his own event design business a few years ago, but he was in the middle of a contract and it went on the back burner…at least for a little while. ;)

Scott believes that great design is visual as well as spiritual. It launches him out of bed every day (and keeps him pumped up until late at night) because he is the most passionate about creating…about collaborating with creative people…helping others with what inspires them…and then bringing it all to fruition with an experience. I am the luckiest guy in the world because he makes the time to spread his passions into every nook and cranny of our life. I hope he gets to do this until he is 115! LOL You’ll want to stand and applaud too, trust me. And you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself and Scott every step of the way.

• Scott’s husband, Dave Stewart

When Crystal and I met some 39 years ago, I thought her name was Julie because that’s what everyone called her. You remember Julie from the Love Boat? She planned everything; and that was Crystal.

Early on, Crystal worked as a Regional Marketing Director for Time Warner Cable. She loved it! From my perspective, she then practically single-handedly raised our four really beautiful and amazing children - and most recently retired from Howland High School from the Administrative Department. WOW! Where did all that time go? In-between all that, she created other little businesses and always made the time to help others launch their own dreams. She amazes me! Truly, she seems to do things with ease and never gets stressed. Crystal just enjoys everything she is doing. We all need to be more like that.

Ultimately, when Crystal told me she and Scott were forming an Event Planning Company, I was not surprised. I can still picture her on the day our daughter Brittany got married: Crystal dressed early so she could walk through the venue and “take it all in”. She had executed the entire thing, and it was magnificent. I asked her later about it and she said, with the most beautiful glistening in her eyes, “It is exactly as I envisioned.”

• Crystal’s husband, Kim Phillips

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